Welcome to my website! Here’s a bit of background about me:

I became interested in interactive computer graphics while I was an undergraduate at UC Berkeley. Therefore I went to UNC Chapel Hill for my graduate studies, working on tracking for VR and doing early work in Augmented Reality. After graduating, I joined HRL, working on various projects in Augmented Reality and visualization.

After that, I helped start a new Nokia Research Center in Santa Monica, where I led a team that focused on generating new forms of mobile media, incorporating Augmented Reality and pervasive computing technologies.

Currently, I lead a team in Intel Labs. My team designs and prototypes novel experiences and key enabling technologies to enable new forms of media. These technology areas include computational imaging and photography, computational displays, and head-worn displays. I also advise Intel on Augmented Reality and other related technologies and experiences.

I am recognized as a pioneer and innovator in Augmented Reality, and I have held prominent leadership roles in that research area. My extensive experience in industrial research includes leading and implementing research projects and demonstrations in areas such as AR, visualization, and mobile applications. I have experience in line management and team and project leadership. My track record of invited presentations, courses taught and millions of dollars in successful fundraising testifies to my communication skills. I am a T-shaped person who has actively pursued experiences and learning opportunities to work effectively with people in other fields, including interactive entertainment, experimental studies, design, mobile devices, air traffic control, and the military.


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I am known for defining the term “Augmented Reality” and guiding the early development of the field, through a survey paper that is the single most referenced work in the field of AR and is included in a list of 50 influential journal articles selected by MIT Press.

My guide to surviving graduate school has become a popular resource on the web.